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Town Hall Meeting

We are thankful to have another opportunity to share Cooper’s story at the Drug Enforcement Administration & Kansas City, Kansas Police Department town hall meeting on Tuesday, July 28th, 2022. The town hall will be held from 6-8pm and will be at the Kansas City Kansas Community College Performing Arts Center 7250 State Ave Kansas City, Kansas 66112. Other speakers that plan to join our panel discussion will be:

  1. Rogeana Patterson-King, Assistant Special Agent in Charge—DEA

    • Discuss national perspective on fentanyl, counterfeit pills, as well as the DEA’s new community initiative, Operation Engage.

  1. Captain John Diaz—Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department

    • Discuss local perspective on fentanyl, counterfeit pills, and how KCK PD is working to overcome the increasing overdose death rate in the community.

  1. Libby Davis—Keepin’ Clean for Coop

    • Share Copper’s story and the impact opioid and fentanyl has left his family, friends, and community.

  1. Battalion Chief Chance Grey & EMT Joshua Magaha— Kansas City, Kansas, Fire Department

    • Discuss the use of Narcan, how the fire department is handling Narcan’s increased need, and what they believe the community needs to combat major drug threats.

  1. Megan Fowler, LCSW, Director of Recovery Services—First Call

    • Share recovery services that are offered through First Call and how fentanyl and counterfeit pills are impacting addiction at this time

Each speaker will have 10-15 minutes to introduce themselves and share their story and/or information. We will then follow with a Q & A panel discussion where the speakers will sit on stage and take questions from the audience.

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